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I have noticed that a classmate of mine has been very competitive towards me. In my class both of us are on the top four. I really have no desire to compete with him nor anyone, so it irks me about bit that he keeps competing with me. My only competition is myself and in reality, somewhere out there someone will always be better than me. 

Today I accomplished a lot. I stayed at school until 6 oclock.. I plan on working late everyday in our lab until I finish all the assignments and enhance my portfolio pieces. It hasn't been easy coming back from Christmas break, but I'm glad I'm back to the groove of work fills my life up in a good way.

I don't regret not having a car anymore...after giving away my old piece of clunker, I have been taking the bus. I find I enjoy it much more, just because I have time to think and read. Anyway I don't think I'm getting a car anytime soon, I am already in the stage of simplfying and streamlining my life, moreover having mobility to move anywhere without worrying about possessions is something i'd like to achieve.

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Posted on 12:33PM on Jan 10th, 2013
Good on you to not engage in any competitiveness with your classmate. You have a very strong head on your shoulders. Keep up the good work.
Posted on 03:00PM on Jan 11th, 2013
Thanks Fallen :)
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